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"...really an excellent and simple system. "
Submitted by: Gary Busch
Transport Logistics

Custom Article Software


One of the most common complaints of webmasters is that maintaining a dynamic website takes too much time. You have to format new content in HTML, modify all the pages that have changed, and upload them to the server. If multiple people are trying to update a website, mistakes can happen that waste your time.

We created Article Manager content management software with you, the overworked webmaster, in mind. You set up the software once, configure the templates, and then use the web-based content management system to update your site from any web browser in the world. Whether you need to add new content, remove pages, upload images, or change the formatting, the software lets you do it quickly and without unnecessary mistakes.

The user administration system allows you to authorize many writers to help you update your website. Give them permission to change the site directly, or have them reviewed by an editor first.

You can customize the look and feel of Article Manager to match any site design; just use the HTML editor you're most comfortable with (like BBEdit, Dreamweaver, Homesite, or even Notepad). We supply three completely different sets of templates. Use them out of the box, customize them to look more like your website, or throw them out and design your own templates from scratch. If you're spending time maintaining your website, then Article Manager can save you hours of work.

It's packed with every content management feature you could need, works on virtually every website in the world. We install it for free; upgrades are free; and support is free. With our 90-day, no-questions-asked, money-back guarantee you can try Article Manager without risk.


Key Features

Save time and money by keeping articles and headlines fresh and up-to-date - without hundreds of HTML changes and FTP uploads.

Perfect for any website where you constantly update articles, news, headlines, and editorials.

Easily customize HTML templates to match the look and feel of your website.

Use Subcategories to organize your content and navigation.

Supports multiple users with different access levels and permissions.

*UPDATED! - New cross-browser WYSIWYG editor lets you format

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